On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is it safe to use iDirect with my accounts?

Yes, with respect of certain conditions:

  1. Your accounts must be fairly old (see below);
  2. Your accounts must be differently formatted and contain different content, as far as possible (see below);
  3. If you use a proxy server, it must be high-quality; Do not use more than 3 accounts per 1 proxy server (ideally: 1 account - 1 proxy);
  4. Compose the text so that each individual message is as unlike the others as possible (see below);
  5. Try not to take any actions in the account while there is an active mailing (especially MF / ML).

Can I set my own timings between sending messages?

Yes - you can adjust the delay when creating a mailing. You cannot set it to less than 10 minutes, because it is not safe for your accounts.

How old should accounts be?

From half a year and above. It's best to use accounts as old as possible, because the younger your account, the less Instagram trust it and the more likely it is to get a temporary spam block or ban.

How to correctly make content in accounts?

If you use multiple accounts of the same subject, try to design them so that they differ as much as possible from each other by content. It is important that there are different posts, profile photos, descriptions and links in the description (if any).

How to compose a mailing text correctly?

Each individual message should be different from the others when the system sending it. It is necessary to reduce the repeating pieces in the text to a minimum. Try to add more uniqueness tags and replace not only individual words, but also the phrases and whole sentences. Read more here: Mailings - the complete guide.

You should know that replacing some emoticons between themselves or replacing one characters to others same-looking will not have effect, if you did not change the text itself.

Which proxy to use - IPv4 or IPv6?

Choose IPv4 only - The Instagram is bad for IPv6 and blocks them with entire sub-nets. For this reason, iDirect does not work with an IPv6 proxy.

Can I make a repost of an Instagram post or profile in the mailing?

Yes, you can attach any post or profile to the mailing or to the message in the chat. This should be a post/profile accessible from outside, that is, the owner profile should be public.

To attach a post/profile, copy the link to it, click on the "clip" button in the chat window or on the mailing edit page and paste it into the field in the menu that shows up. After the image is loaded, click on it and it will be attached to the message. This will be a clickable image leading to the object itself.



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