Character limit in mailings

Instagram has two max character limitations for one Direct message. It is best not to exceed any of it, but sometimes this can be neglected.

Here's how it works:

Limit #1: Mobile App

The Instagram mobile app allows you to send messages with a maximum of 485 characters. If you try to send a longer message in the app, it will either not be sent, or will be divided into 2 messages.

It is best to send messages less than 485 characters length — it will look as if you were sending a Direct message from the Instagram app as a regular user.

Limit #2: Instagram Server

This is a software Instagram limitation (server, API).
It is 990 characters. You can send such message using iDirect, however, it will look suspicious for Instagram, and may affect your newsletter.

Too long messages

Sending messages longer than 990 characters is an unsuccessful option. It is either will not be sent at all, or it will be truncated to 990 characters. Neither one nor the other is good, so try to fit all that you need to say to these limits.



When you create a mailing, iDirect shows you how many characters will be in the longest of all possible messages. This means that the length may be shorter if shorter constructions { | } will be used.