• Editing profile of the accounts added to the system
  • Develop brand new iDirect Parser 2.0
    • Multi-thread support
    • English and Russian languages
    • Gathering of all possible user info with ability to export needed columns
  • Suspended accountsnotifications (email and other methods)
  • Syntax highlight of the message uniqueness tags.
  • Nwesletters schedule
    • Setting working time intervals of newsletters
    • (Possibly) setting different working accounts at different time intervals
  • Threads search by receiver (in addition to search by working account)
  • The ability to select a time zone for displaying dates in the dashboard
  • Notifications when the user receives an affiliate reward (email and possibly other methods)
  • Wiki - search by articles



Version 1.1.2

  • The most important thing: the mailing server has been updated according to all the latest Instagram changes. Thanks to this, accounts are much less likely to drop into identity confirmation and ban.
  • Added the ability to specify your own delay for messages in the mailing
  • Added the ability to automatically remove duplicates when loading the database in iDirect
  • Added the ability to unsubscribe from certain categories of emails from the site
  • Fixed a lot of problems with the site:
    • Problems logging in via VKontakte
    • Problems with updating statistics of mailings and accounts
    • Adding of error messages on accounts even afte solving it
    • Stories, galleries and links display in messages
    • Problems with the text field in Messages - stretching it when entering long text
    • Incorrect display of some elements in all site sections - now the site looks "cleaner"
  • Fixed many security holes in the site
  • Added a good error page on the site with information how to solve the problem
  • Added SSL for affiliate pages

Version 1.1

  • Client area rebuilt:
    • Dramatically increased loading speed and overall responsibility (approximately 10 times faster!)
    • Optimized for mobile devices - now you can use in convenient on your smartphone or tablet
    • New build and code delivery principle allows to create a mobile app in future.
  • Mass import of working accounts from a list
  • Many small fixes, adapting to Instagram changes

Version 1.0.17

  • The system of account authentication was completely redesigned - as a result, accounts login into the Instagram almost immediately
  • Overall stability of work increased - accounts are receiving a spam block or identity verification much less
  • Fixed a lot of issues, sections of the Panel was improved

Version 1.0.16

  • Solved problem with account authorization loop
  • Added ability to select all active accounts when creating a mailing
  • Payment model tweek: removed infinite free slot
  • Fixed many bugs and errors

Version 1.0.15

  • The entire payment model has been redesigned:
    • Tariffs are discarded
    • Payment is now charged only for active accounts in the system (the account becomes active when you pay for it).
    • Every active account can make newsletters without any limits and can be used in chat with clients.
  • Added language selection on the home page
  • Fixed minor translation bugs
  • Fixed a bug when under certain conditions a check mark flashed from selected databases when creating a newsletter

Version 1.0.14

  • Home page english translation
  • User's language automatic detection depending on the language of the browser
  • When a user registered, his language saves in the settings, and the dashboard is also loaded in this language.
  • Several fixes in the payment system, the QIWI system is temporarily disabled
  • Many small fixes

Version 1.0.13

  • Dashboard english translation
  • Selection of the dahsboard language in the settings
  • Fixed some bugs in the affiliate pages
  • Many small fixes

Version 1.0.12

  • A small mailing system was created including email visual and the triggers system
  • Created affiliate pages for some VIP partners
  • Fixed accounts selection in the existing newsletters
  • Many small fixes

Version 1.0.11

  • Added the ability to change working accounts in active newsletters
  • Now you can view the post attached to the message when the newsletter is created
  • Many small fixes

Version 1.0.1

  • Attach Instagram posts to chat messages and newsletters
  • Fixed errors in user authentication
  • Many small fixes

Version 1.0.0

Service core functionality.

Feature list

  • Upload accounts, update its status, delete accounts
  • Chat with users responded to newsletters
    • Respond from different accounts
    • View attached images, posts, profiles
    • Clickable links
    • Filter threads by your accounts
    • Start thread with user you haven't any threads yet
  • Create, edit and delete audience databases
  • Import user lists into databases
  • Newsletter editor
    • Write a newsletter text with the possibility of uniqueness of messages (replacing words and phrases with similar values, optional phrases and sentences)
    • Use Emoji smileys
    • Select accounts and databases for newsletters
    • Pause, edit and delete newsletters
  • User settings
    • Email, password, user name
  • Wiki section for users
  • A small Instagram audience parser with limited functionality
    • Parse users by hashtags
    • Set parsing delays
    • Export parsed database into TXT-file