Instagram Direct mass mailings

High speed. Maximum security. Convenient chat with customers.

Fast and responsive processing

Direct correspondence from your PC

All the work in the cloud

Mass mailing from multiple accounts

You can send Direct messages from multiple working accounts - the system itself will distribute all work to the accounts and set all timings. This will maximize the speed of mailing and reach as meny users as possible in a short amount of time.

Easy account management

Add your account to the system and no longer need to worry about it. You don't need to enter CAPTCHA, verify your identity or enter a code from E-mail*! Don't worry if you don't have your own proxy-server as it will be assigned to your accounts automatically. If we'll still need your attention, you will be notified immediately.

* — at the moment the system works only with emails

Communicating in the Instagram from your PC

Corresponding with the SMT is not very convenient - especially if your clients write to you often, or you have several working accounts. Say goodbye to it!
You can write Direct messages right from your computer using multiple accounts at once - all in single window! It's convenient to navigate through links, hashtags and mentions directly from chat window. Also you're available to use all possible Emoji.

Log in with your favorite social network and launch your mailing list now!

IDirect is for you if:

You are promoting in Instagram

You can offer Direct mailing to your customers as a new service!

You sell goods through Instagram

A convenient chat allows you to answer to a customer questions quickly from your PC.

You just want to communicate with Direct from your computer

You can use several accounts in one window as well as all Emoji.

Our team

  • 2+ yearsExperience in cloud systems

  • 3+ yearsExperience with Instagram

Our team is made of professionals from different cities, united by one idea - to make communication in Instagram as fast, comfortable and simple as possible. Each of us is a specialist in his field: SMM, web development, design and usability, data analysis and identification of needs.

We intend to develop iDirect, turning it not only into the most powerful mass mailing service, but also into the most convenient business tool in Instagram with all the necessary tools and capabilities.

Our goal is to make business in Instagram convenient and enjoyable, and also to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs.

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